June 21-22 2016, Dipartimento di Fisica, Aula 109 ground floor


  1. Foundations and quantum theory;
    1. Axiomatization of quantum theory;
    2. Nonlocality;
    3. Inforamtional principles and generalized probabilistic theories;
  2. Discrete models of spacetime;
    1. Quantum walks;
    2. Quantum cellular automata;
  3. Testing quantum gravity;

Program and list of abstracts

The PDF of the program is here PDF
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List of invited speakers

Invited speakers at the Quantum Foundations Workshop
Period Visitor From title
June 20-23 Pablo Arrighi Aix-Marseille University and ENS de Lyon TBA

Talk on June 22 10:30 Aula 109

June 20-24 Francesco Buscemi Nagoya University Reverse Data-Processing Theorems, Bayesian Structures, and the Flow of Information

Talk on June 21 10:30 Aula 109

June 22 Marco Genovese INRIM, Turin Weak measurements: from sequential weak values to protective measurements

Talk on June 22 11:30 Aula 109

June 20-23 Andrei Khrennikov Linnaeus University, Vaxjo Possibility to agree on disagree from quantum information and decision making

Talk on June 22 16:00 Aula 109

June 17-23 Masanao Ozawa Nagoya University Soundness and Completeness of Mean Errors for Quantum Measurements

Talk on June 22 9:00 Aula 109

June 19-23 Arkady Plotnitsky Purdue University, West Lafayette Three Great Divorces of Quantum Theory: Reality from Realism, Probability from Causality, and Locality from Relativity

Talk on June 21 11:30 Aula 109

June 19-23 Gábor Hofer-Szabó Inst. of Phil. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest Quantum mechanics as a representation of classical conditional probabilities

Talk on June 21 9:30 Aula 109