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XQuantum Mechanics, by K. Michielsen and H. De Raedt
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XQuantum Mechanics, by Eric Weisstein's
XQuantum Mechanics, Foundations, by Greg Egan
XHistorical Notes: Quantum measurement
XA history of Quantum Mechanics
XNobel Prize 1932-1933: Presentation Speech
XA Brief History of Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Mechanics, 1925-1927
XDevelopment of Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Mechanics Meets Semiconductors
XQuantum Phylosophy Theories
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XRelational Quantum Mechanics
XIs Quantum Mechanics relevant to understanding consciousness?
XChalmers on consciousness &QM
XThe Miraculous Consilience of Quantum Mechanics: Is a Realist Interpretation Possible?
XInterpretation and Philosophical Foundation of Quantum Mechanics
XKantian Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysic of Space
XMark I. Vuletic: Philosophy and Quantum Mechanics
XOliver Pooley's links on Foundations and Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
XOxford Philosophy of Physics
XRichard Healey, University of Arizona
XLogic and philosophy
XResearch|Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
XInterpreting the quantum world
X Many Minds Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
X Ben Best: The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
XEugen Merzbacher: Quantum Mechanics and the Copenhagen Interpretation
XJohn G. Cramer: The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
X Michael Clive Price: The Everett Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
XThe Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics
X"Many-Worlds" interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
XThe Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
XInterpretations of Quantum Mechanics
XThe Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
X Butterfield, Jeremy. Some Worlds of Quantum Theory.
XAlternative Interpretations
XQuantum New Interpretation
XBohmian Mechanics and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
XBohm, Bell, and Boom! Quantum Mechanics and the End of Modern Dualism
XConsciousness and Quantum Measurement
XStudent Understanding of Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Mechanics Introduction*
XIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics
XPrinciples of Quantum Mechanics
XSome basic ideas about Quantum Mechanics
XKryss Tal: An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
XSpectral Lines
XQuantum Mechanics Problems
XWhat Do You Do With a Wavefunction?*
XAsk the Experts
XQuantum Mechanics in Plain English
XPhysics Problems Pages
XA Picture Gallery of Famous Physicists
XVisual Quantum Mechanics: software
XAdvanced Visual Quantum Mechanics
XFlash animations of physics
XQuantum Physics. Polytechnique, FR
XQuantum Mechanics: Dimensional Particle States Applet
X 1.Quantum Mechanics
X 2.Quantum Mechanics
X 1. Measurement in quantum mechanics FAQ
XHow do scientists and philosophers distinguish classical and quantum measurement?
XSchrodinger's cat
X 2. Measurement in quantum mechanics FAQ
XCan we make sens out of the measurement process in relativistic quantum mechanics?
XQuantum measurement problem
XMeasurement in Quantum Theory
XExperimental Issues in the Quantum Measurement Problem
XThe measurement problem
XQuantum Theory and Measurement - Wheeler, Zurek
XThe Decoherence of Measurement
XOn the Nature of Measurement Records in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
X Jhvh Alhjm and quantum measurement theory
X1. The Measurement Problem of QM
XQuantum measurement and decoherence
X 2. The Measurement Problem of QM
X 3. The Measurement Problem of QM
XQuantum Mechanics Message Board
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XOpen Directory: Quantum Mechanics
XTime development of quantum mechanical systems
XPhysics Virtual Bookshelf: Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Mechanics Examples
XEdward Witten, Princeton. Duality, Space time and Quantum Mechanics
XMathematical Ideas in Science
XParticles, Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
XNew Scientist Guide to the Quantum World
XHyperPhysics Concepts
XSelected Papers on Geometric Algebra in Quantum Mechanics
X 1. Quantum Mechanics
XThermodynamics Educational Sites
XA Translation of Schrodinger's"Cat Paradox Paper"
XThe Strange World of Quantum Mechanics
X Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics
XLecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Quackery
XQuantum processes
XQuantum Mechanics Software List
XQuantum mechanics with single atoms and photons
XSongs about Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Mechanics Lecture Notes
XQuantum Mechanics on the Large Scale
XCreation and Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Computers
XQuantum Mechanics vs. Classical Optics
XQuantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics
XGeneral Term: Quantum Theory
X Non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics
XLaboratory of Theoretic Physics, Turku, Finland
XQuantum Mechanics, Beyond all Reason
XQuantum mysteries
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XExotic Probability Theories and Quantum Mechanics References
XQuantum Mechanics Nobel prize
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XQuantum Logic
XASU Libraries-Quantum Mechanics
X The Andromeda Society, Quantum Mechanics
XComputational Physics, Quantum Mechanics
XHypography, Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Reality by Manjit Kumar
XThe Origin of Time, Quantum Mechanics, and Free Will
XHolistic Quantum Cosmology
XSimulating Quantum Mechanics on a Quantum Computer
XThe Cosmic Code by Heinz R.Pagels
XTheory of Atoms in Molecules
XQuantum Mechanics, humor, funny
XQuantum Mechanics Introductory Tutorial
XThe Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
XThe Projection Postulate in Quantum Mechanics
XStern-Gerlach Experiment
XLight and Quantum Mechanics
XSchroedinger:"The Present Situation in Quantum Mechanics"
XIntuitive Concepts in Quantum Mechanics
XThe Quantum Mechanics of cricket
XKarma and Quantum Mechanics
XQuantum Mechanics Of Sandwiches In Lunch boxes
XQuantum Entanglement and Causality
X2. Quantum Mechanics
XSeminar on the Foundations of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory
XMilitary Applications of Post-Quantum Physics
XAre there quantum states?
X Quantum nonlocality and Enstein locality
XEntanglement and quantum nonlocality
X 1. Patterns of the Real: Quantum Nonlocality
X 2. Patterns of The Real:Quantum Nonlocality
XRigged Hilbert Space Treatment of Continuous Spectrum
XThe deterministic quantum
XQuantum-Classical Transition
X Quantum Reality
XWhat is Consciousness Studies?
XQuantum Future
XQuantum Cryptography: Privacy Through Uncertainty
X 2. Causality
XPapers on QM
XAgainst Quantum Theory Without Observers
XTheoretical Phisics preferred links
XQuantum theory-reality and mystery
XA Brief Description of Quantum Computing
XInverse Quantum Mechanics
XThe Quantum of Continuity
XQuantum Theory and the Nature of Reality
XVonNeumann's Fifth Postulate
XQuantum Nonlocality and Possibility of Superluminar effects
XSuperluminal Communication?
XQuantum Superluminal Transmission of Random Messages
XInformationTime Travel
XQuantum Confusion
XWhere does the nonlocal nature of QM come from?
XWhere do the laws of phisics come from?